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Funding the Commons is a virtual 2-day summit for individuals and organizations building new models of sustainable public goods funding and value alignment in open source networks.
Join us as we advance the thinking, design, conversations and awareness of how to fund public goods.
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Futuristic city
Join Juan Benet (Protocol Labs), and other thought leaders to discuss novel experiments and future directions for funding our collective commons.
Introduction and overview of Funding the Commons Day 1
Evan Miyazono, Head of Research, Protocol Labs
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Fireside chat with Jaan Tallinn
Juan Benet (Founder, Protocol Labs) hosts an open discussion with Jaan Tallinn
Jaan Tallinn, Founder, Future of Life Institute & CSER
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Reimagining Public Goods: Building a Solarpunk Future
The narratives we choose and the tools we build deeply shape the world around us. In this talk, Scott Moore makes the case that we must collectively chose more regenerative, positive-sum ideals that align more with a Solarpunk future. In turn he argues, we can solve many of the problems we face around how we manage our global commons
Scott Moore, Founder, Gitcoin
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Improvements to the S-Process
Andrew Critch will describe and motivate recent and future improvements to the Simulation Process
Andrew Critch, Research scientist, CHAI; Founder, BERI
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Impetus grants: a new mechanism for funding aging science
The philosophy behind Impetus grants, funding mechanisms in use, and directions funded so far
Lada Nuzhna, Impetus Grants
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Plural Funding
Glen Weyl introduces the Plurality paradigm for funding network goods and will briefly illustrate applications to a range of network goods funding approaches. Leon will detail the application to Quadratic Funding and Gitcoin
Glen Weyl, Founder RadicalxChange
Leon Erichsen, Evangelist, RadicalxChange
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Focussed Research Organizations
Adam Marblestone will describe how Focused Research Organizations (FROs) promise to unblock research bottlenecks by applying systems engineering to some types of research problem
Adam Marblestone, CEO, Convergent Research
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Incentivizing Ongoing Maintenance
In this talk, Pooja Shah explores different models and experiments to support the ongoing incentivization of open-source and public goods maintenance, as well as new models we may consider as we enter a more open, protocol-native future
Pooja Shah, Head of Product, Protocol Labs
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Two Novel Mechanisms for Funding and Discovering Public Goods
Alex Tabarrok will provide an overview of dominant assurance contracts (DACs) aka refund bonuses and quadratic funding
Alex Tabarrok, Professor of Economics & Mercatus Center Chair, George Mason
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Day 1 wrap-up
Closing comments and preview of day 2
Evan Miyazono, Head of Research, Protocol Labs
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Introducing Network Funds – Funding Public Goods for Fun and Profit
Introducing some novel structures for public goods funding vehicles, to make it more sustainable and scalable
Juan Benet, Founder, Protocol Labs
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Impact Markets: Attributed Impact and More
Challenges to designing a safe and efficient market for the retroactive funding of public goods using impact certificates
Denis Drescher, Impactcerts.com
Matt Brooks, Impactcerts.com
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Interoperable mechanisms for non-rival goods
Avenues for interoperability between R&D roadmapping, retrospective impact evaluation, impact certificates, project tokens, and prospective funding schemes as part of an ecosystem for provisioning public goods
David Dalrymple, Research Scientist, Protocol Labs
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Catalyzing innovation and public goods funding in the Carbon Removal ecosystem
Daniel Pike will highlight public goods efforts by the Climate Map, a nonprofit developing open-access methods, data sets, and decision-making tools that shed new light and spur action on climate change response opportunities and priorities
Daniel Pike, Project Director, The Climate Map
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Fireside chat with Tom Kalil
Evan Miyazono (Head of Research, Protocol Labs) hosts an open discussion with Tom Kalil of Schmidt Futures
Tom Kalil, CIO, Schmidt Futures
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Stable Orbits: Decentralization Lessons from Webs[0-3]
Learning from prior efforts to create and maintain the public goods of the Internet and the Open Web
Danny O'Brien, Senior Fellow, Filecoin Foundation
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Borderless public goods and interplanetary publics
Jessy Kate will speak to the challenges and progress in developing lunar colonies and the opportunity they bring for novel coordination and governance
Jessy Kate Schingler, Director, Open Lunar Foundation
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Tech trees & DAOs to advance ambitious science & tech
Bio, nano, neuro, computing and space tech goals could benefit from support that’s invisible to external talent and funders. Tech trees can help map undervalued opportunities for progress and DAOs can help incentivize it
Allison Duettmann, President, Foresight Institute
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Networked Good - To the future
Closing comments and upcoming efforts for Funding the Commons & the future of Protocol Labs Public Goods
Evan Miyazono, Head of Research, Protocol Labs
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Watch now - Nov 21 Funding the Commons Event
In November 2021 Protocol Labs hosted our inaugural Funding the Commons virtual event with presentations from Juan Benet (Protocol Labs), Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum), Karl Floersch (Optimism) and many others.

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