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City overview of Bogata, Columbia
This event focused on driving group engagement and action towards the broader Funding the Commons mission of building new models of sustainable public goods funding and value alignment.
October 10 2022In-person Event
Funding the Commons Bogota “Pop-up” was a track at the Schelling Point Bogota event in a smaller community-oriented format. A series of keynote speakers and panels explored Funding Mechanism, Funding entity, and impact market design which led to an afternoon of interactive workshops.
Image credit: Jorge Gardner, Cartagena, Bogotá
Funding the Commons, Lisbon featured engaging keynote sessions, collaborative workshops and opportunities to network and build relationships with other members of the community who are driven to find solutions to public goods funding.


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October 10, 2022
October 10, 202210:20 EST / 16:20 UTC
Introduction to Funding the Commons Bogotá with Evan Miyazono
  • Evan Miyazono, Protocol Labs
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October 10, 202210:35 EST / 16:35 UTC
Radicle Drips: The Latest Mechanism Design
Overview of the history and importance of public goods funding, and why new apporaches are critical to pushing technologlical process forward
  • Andrew Dickson, Radicle
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October 10, 202211:00 EST / 17:00 UTC
Rewarding Impact with
Rewarding impact with hosted by Holke Brammer & Kevin Owocki
  • Holke Brammer, Network Goods
  • Kevin Owocki, Gitcoin
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October 10, 202211:25 EST / 17:25 UTC
FiatConnect & Connect the World - Using Competitions to Bootstrap Public Goods
Fiat Connect & Connect the World - Using Competitions to Bootsrap Public Goods with Marek Olszewski
  • Marek Olszewski, cLabs & Velora
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October 10, 202211:50 EST / 17:50 UTC
Investing in Network Goods: new ecosystem funding paradigms
New ecosystem funding paradigms with Joanna Liang, Anna Kryukova & Scott Moore
  • Anna Kryukova, Celo
  • Scott Moore, Gitcoin
  • Abbey Titcomb, Radicle
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October 10, 202212:45 EST / 18:45 UTC
Impact Evaluators: Existential challenges and opportunities
Existential Challenges and Opportunities from Matthew Frehlich
  • Matthew Frehlich, Protocol Labs
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October 10, 202213:10 EST / 19:10 UTC
Complex Products: Where DAOs and funding mechanisms fall short
Where DAOs and Funding Mechanisms Fall Short - Daphne Charles, Pooja Shah & Juan Guillen
  • Daphne Charles, Kiwiklabs
  • Pooja Shah, Kiwiklabs
  • Juan Benet, Protocol Labs
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October 10, 202213:50 EST / 19:50 UTC
Workshops: Funding Mechanisms
Funding Mechanisms workshop hosted by Marcus Aurelias & Livia De
  • Marcus Aurelias, KlimaDAO
  • Livia De, Common Stack
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October 10, 202215:00 EST / 21:00 UTC
Workshops: Impact Markets
Impact Markets workshop hosted by Marcus Aurelius
  • Holke Brammer, Network Goods
  • Rhys Lindmark, Roote
  • Manu Alzuru, DoinGud
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October 10, 202215:55 EST / 21:55 UTC
Workshops: Funding Structures
Funding Structures workshop hosted by Rene Pinnell & Vaughn McKenzie-Landell
  • René Pinnell, Artizen
  • Vaughn McKenzie-Landell, Buttery Money
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October 10, 202216:50 EST / 17:50 UTC
End of Day
End of Day to Funding the Commons Bogotá with Evan Miyazono
  • Evan Miyazono, Protocol Labs


Events took place in Bogota, Columbia
Gran Carpa Américas Corferias
Av. de las Américas #36-28, Bogotá, Colombia.
Gran Carpa Américas Corferias
Av. de las Américas #36-28,
Bogotá, Colombia.

Previous Talks

Funding the Commons is an ongoing series. Previous speakers have included Juan Benet (Protocol Labs), Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum), Karl Floersch (Optimism), Jaan Taalin (Future of Life Institute & CSER), Tom Kalil (Schmidt Ventures) and many others.
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A special Funding the Commons event that was hosted in Lisbon during Protocol Labs’ LabWeek in 2022.
June 24 - 25 2022 Event
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This two-day in person summit featured tracks by partner organizations Gitcoin (Unconference track), Fifty Years (Impact Capitalism), and Workshops (Tephra Labs).
Mar 3 - 4 2022 Event
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