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Join us in Paris

The 6th edition of Funding the Commons will take place on 15-16 July with the beautiful backdrop of Paris, France. The event is hosted at the renowned Sorbonne Université, which has the distinction of being one of the two oldest universities in Europe, with origins dating back to the 12th century. This installation of Funding the Commons is timed as the perfect complement to the Ethereum Community Conference, which takes place the following day and just a short walk from the university. Paris will be our key in-person event during 2023 and will be unique in its incorporation of open space technology and other unconference-style programming, in addition to keynote speakers and panel discussions. This format will enable even more connection amongst participants, and lead to the formation of new collaborations and projects.

Meet us in Berlin

The 7th edition of Funding the Commons will be held in Berlin on 8-9 September, set against the vibrant and innovative backdrop of Germany's capital city. This event will be held in partnership with DeSci Berlin, aligning itself with the bustling Berlin Blockchain Week. The Berlin edition of Funding the Commons will feature a unique emphasis on builders and interactive programming. In contrast to the storied academia of our Paris event, Berlin will celebrate the hands-on spirit of creation and innovation. Positioned as a pivotal event during Berlin Blockchain Week, Funding the Commons Berlin offers an ideal platform for participants to engage with the wider blockchain and decentralized science communities. The event is designed to catalyze the development of new partnerships and projects. Through this interactive format, Funding the Commons Berlin will champion the advancement of public goods funding in the heart of Europe's tech scene.
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Previous Speakers

Previous speakers included public goods thought leaders such as Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum), Juan Benet (Protocol Labs), Kevin Owocki (Gitcoin), Karl Floersch (Optimism), Jaan Tallinn (Future of Life Institute & CSER), Tom Kalil (Schmidt Ventures), and many more.
Funding public goods — algorithms and mechanisms | November 12, 2021
Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum
Fireside Chat | March 3, 2022
Jaan Tallinn, Future of Life Institute & CSER & Juan Benet, Protocol Labs
Decentralized investment structures for public goods and commons | June 24, 2022
Juan Benet, Protocol Labs
Recent Events
Lisbon 2022
Funding the Commons, Lisbon featured engaging keynote sessions, collaborative workshops and opportunities to network and build relationships with other members of the community who were driven to find solutions to public goods funding.
Bogota 2022
This event focused on driving group engagement and action towards the broader Funding the Commons mission of building new models of sustainable public goods funding and value alignment.
New York 2022
Funding the Commons moved to an in-person event in New York in June 2022! This 2-day summit on June 24th and 25th was for individuals and organizations building new models of sustainable public goods funding and value alignment in open source networks.
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