Paris 2023
In-person / July 15-16
The 6th edition of Funding the Commons will take place on 15-16 July with the beautiful backdrop of Paris, France. The event is hosted at the renowned Sorbonne Université, which has the distinction of being one of the two oldest universities in Europe, with origins dating back to the 12th century. This installation of Funding the Commons is timed as the perfect complement to the Ethereum Community Conference, which takes place the following day and just a short walk from the university. Paris will be our key in-person event during 2023 and will be unique in its incorporation of open space technology and other unconference-style programming, in addition to keynote speakers and panel discussions. This format will enable even more connection amongst participants, and lead to the formation of new collaborations and projects.
NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR PARIS. The call for speakers is now closed. Thank you to all who applied, and don't forget to submit an application to speak in Berlin this September!
Alan Ransil
Protocol Labs
Anish Mohammed
Panther Protocol
Ben Reinhardt
Speculative Technologies
Charbel- Raphael
Chika Uwazie
David Dalrymple
Protocol Labs
David Dao
Gain Forest
Eirini Malliaraki
Deep Science Ventures
Griff Greene
Giveth, Commons Stack, General Magic, Praise & dappnode
Guy Wuollet
Jason Potts
Jeff Pulver
Juan Benet
Founder, Protocol Labs
Julian Zawistowski
Golem Foundation (Octant)
Kevin Owocki
Founder, Gitcoin
Mallika Robinson
Earth Guardians
Marek Olszewski
Co-Founder, Celo
Philip Stehlik
Crane Earth VC
Pia Mancini
Open Collective
Primavera De Filippi
Open Collective
René Reinsberg
Silvia Bessa
Protocol Labs
Simeon Campos
July 15, 2023
Introduction to Funding the Commons Bogotá with Evan Miyazono
Evan Miyazono
10:20 EST / 16:20 UTC
Radicle Drips: The Latest Mechanism Design
Overview of the history and importance of public goods funding, and why new apporaches are critical to pushing technologlical process forward
Andrew Dickson
10:35 EST / 16:35 UTC
Rewarding Impact with
Rewarding impact with hosted by Holke Brammer & Kevin Owocki
Holke Brammer
Kevin Owocki
11:00 EST / 17:00 UTC
FiatConnect & Connect the World - Using Competitions to Bootstrap Public Goods
Fiat Connect & Connect the World - Using Competitions to Bootsrap Public Goods with Marek Olszewski
Marek Olszewski
11:25 EST / 17:25 UTC
Investing in Network Goods: new ecosystem funding paradigms
New ecosystem funding paradigms with Joanna Liang, Anna Kryukova & Scott Moore
Anna Kryukova
Scott Moore
Abbey Titcomb
11:50 EST / 17:50 UTC
Impact Evaluators: Existential challenges and opportunities
Existential Challenges and Opportunities from Matthew Frehlich
Matthew Frehlich
12:45 EST / 18:45 UTC
Complex Products: Where DAOs and funding mechanisms fall short
Where DAOs and Funding Mechanisms Fall Short - Daphne Charles, Pooja Shah & Juan Guillen
Daphne Charles
Pooja Shah
Juan Benet
13:10 EST / 19:10 UTC
Workshops: Funding Mechanisms
Funding Mechanisms workshop hosted by Marcus Aurelias & Livia De
Marcus Aurelias
Livia De
13:50 EST / 19:50 UTC
Workshops: Impact Markets
Impact Markets workshop hosted by Marcus Aurelius
Holke Brammer
Rhys Lindmark
Manu Alzuru
15:00 EST / 21:00 UTC
Workshops: Funding Structures
Funding Structures workshop hosted by René Pinnell & Vaughn McKenzie-Landell
René Pinnell
Vaughn McKenzie-Landell
15:55 EST / 21:55 UTC
End of Day for Funding the Commons Bogotá with Evan Miyazono
Evan Miyazono
16:50 EST / 17:50 UTC
THE CALL FOR SPEAKERS HAS CLOSED. The schedule will be announced soon. Check back for updates.
TO BE ANNOUNCED. Check back for updates.

Meet us in Berlin

The 7th edition of Funding the Commons will be held in Berlin on 8-9 September, set against the vibrant and innovative backdrop of Germany's capital city. This event will be held in partnership with DeSci Berlin, aligning itself with the bustling Berlin Blockchain Week. The Berlin edition of Funding the Commons will feature a unique emphasis on builders and interactive programming. In contrast to the storied academia of our Paris event, Berlin will celebrate the hands-on spirit of creation and innovation. Positioned as a pivotal event during Berlin Blockchain Week, Funding the Commons Berlin offers an ideal platform for participants to engage with the wider blockchain and decentralized science communities. The event is designed to catalyze the development of new partnerships and projects. Through this interactive format, Funding the Commons Berlin will champion the advancement of public goods funding in the heart of Europe's tech scene.
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